Alphabet: VOWELS

More Memorization Yay~!!!


So like the English Alphabet there are vowels like aeiou and sometimes y~

Well so does korean. which is why Korean is so unique because the Korean Alphabet has an alphabet unlike Chinese and Japanese there are Kanji, and strokes and something whatnots. ( so hard to learn~ TT^TT) 

Vowels :

1) ㅏ[a]as in when you say Ahhhh~ when you realize something

2) ㅑ[ya]as in YAHH!! “Hey you” in those Korean Dramas

ㅘ [wa] as in Watermelon. 

3) ㅓ[ŏ] as in uhhh… when you see your crush and have nothing to say

4) ㅕ[yŏ]as in yeoja: girl in korean

 ㅝ [wŏ] as in Whoa~ there girlfriend

5) ㅗ [o] as in Oh oh oh oh oh Oppa reul saranghae from SNSD’s OH!

6) ㅛ [yo] as in A-yo~ Finally~

7) ㅜ [u] as in OooooOoo when you your friend gets in trouble or something

8) ㅠ [yu] as in You, like you reading this or IU

ㅔ [e] as in Eh~ alright

ㅖ [ye] as in Oh~ Yeah~ ( MBLAQ’s Song Oh YEAH)

ㅞ [we] as in “wae” ummm like TVXQ’s why? Wae. this is hard to find similar words

ㅚ [oe] same as wae

ㅐ[ae]same as eh~

ㅒ [yae]same as Oh yeah

ㅙ [wae] as in “wae”  again

10) ㅣ[i], as in the ee in Feet

ㅟ [wi] as in “weeee~” i’m swinging on a swing look at me weee~

11) ㅡ [ŭ]as in ueehhh like you don’t know what do to in a situation not Uhhhh like you’re dumbfounded

ㅢ [ŭi] this is a little difficult.. its the ueehhh and eeee at the same time or one after the other really fast.. so its like you are doing the martial arts grunt ueeeeh-eeee!

CONFUSING?? Yeah i thought so too. just write these out and memorize with the consonants… the ones numbered are the more important vowels so don’t worry. 

Any questions? Just ask! 

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